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Your career shouldn't be left up to chance. You can land your own unfair advantages when competing for a dream job, a dream client, or funding to grow your business. We'll help you land that advantage.

Grow Your Network

We help professionals and business owners alike grow their professional networks so that they get direct lines to decision-makers and busy people -- even if you hate "networking" and don't have a network of your own.

Our flagship course, Cold Email Master is where to start.
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Whether you want to land your dream job or start, buy, or grow your own business, our courses, books, and content help people just like you take the stress out of professional development and building a career you love.

Cold Email Master

Write emails that busy people can quickly reply to. Great for founders, salespeople, and those looking to grow their networks.

Custom Email Scripts & Email Rewrites

Have an email you want our team to look at and help you make the most of it?

We'll help you rewrite an email or create custom email scripts so that you get the results you want.

We've helped salespeople land more deals, professional performers book more gigs, and job-hunters land their dream jobs.
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The Field Manual for Your Career

How to Get Ahead is the field manual to build a career that brings opportunities to you.

Learn how to land mentors, grow your network, and set goals in a way that's actually helpful.
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Do Work You Love

Within a week of putting Zak's advice to work, I had scheduled my first interview. This first interview led to three more in the following weeks.

Now, four weeks after first coming across Zak's work and taking his advice, I have a full-time salaried position doing work I love in an industry I am truly passionate about.
Cam Luther, Young Professional
As a result of working with Zak, I've honed my day job desires, quit the job that was not right, found a job that is a better fit for me, started writing regularly again, improved my website's reach, increased the number of email subscribers, and amped up my side business. In addition, I stepped into a volunteer role in which I was able to get an organization back on track, and also create a new job for a college graduate. I've been able to do this without ever having met Zak in person.

If you want to level up in your career, and not waste time or money, Zak is the right person to work with. Also, I can vouch that his approach works across many disciplines. 
Elizabeth Erenberg, Professional & Small Business Owner
Not only did Zak help me set an audacious SMART goal (of $5k in monthly revenue, working <25 hours/week by May 1), but — thanks to his coaching — I was able to QUADRUPLE it in HALF the time. Zak coached me in developing a client outreach strategy that brought me more business than I could even handle myself, and then guided me in hiring a team of 5 subcontractors, whom I now oversee. 
AJ Goldstein, Business Owner

Trusted by the Pros

"Slayback is one of the sharpest people I’ve ever met, and one of the few people who has figured out how to break into places you want to be when you don’t have history to show you’re valuable. Perhaps one of the most important skills in this day and age is the ability to break in and provide value quickly, and Slayback knows exactly how to do that, and at scale."
Austen Allred, CEO, Lambda School

Our "Bookshelf Promise"

Lots of companies online want to sell you courses for $1,000, $2,000, or even $10,000.

We'll never do that.

Our courses, ebooks, digital products, and workshops will always be reasonably priced. No one product will ever cost more than what a shelf of books on the topic may cost you.