Cold Email Master by Zak Slayback

Cold Email Master

Land more deals, meet new mentors, grow your network, and get an unfair advantage in applying to new jobs. Never struggle with outreach again.

Get replies from busy, important people.

This is a proven system designed to help you know how to craft any outreach email.

No fluff, no BS -- just a system trusted by business owners, job hunters, freelancers, and sales executives.

What You'll Learn

How to Write Outstanding Subject Lines

You'll learn how to write and test subject lines that make you emails stand apart from the noise and make busy, important people open them.

Exactly How to Structure Your Email

You'll learn exactly how to structure your email. We'll step into the mind of a busy person and counter any objections or questions before they come up. You'll walk away with a checklist that you can use on every email you write.

Exactly How to Clearly Ask for What You Want

You can write an email that gets opened and read, but if you don't clearly ask for the right thing, you won't get a reply.

You'll learn several tested "reply triggers" that are clear, compelling, and easy to reply to. You can use these in almost every cold email. 

What to Do if the Conversation Goes Dead

You'll learn how to follow up if you don't get a reply the first time and you'll learn how to follow up if you do get a reply but then the conversation goes dead.

You'll walk away with a clear flow chart of which next steps you should take.

"Zak's methods just flat-out WORK."

Before listening to Zak's advice, the only way I gathered new business was through referrals. I would send long winded emails hoping to cut down on email exchanges later on. However, I would never receive any replies.  Now I have a solid and effective outbound process that can turn cold emails into new clients.

Zak's methods just flat-out WORK.
Declan Wilson, Business Owner
Your advice on cold emails has been especially valuable in my career, and has helped me get in front of the right people. I’ve used your email advice to reach out to several CEOs and CFOs of businesses in the area, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response rate.
Michael T., Private Equity Executive
I’ve shared your email systems with one of the young men I mentor and he used it to reach out to professionals in the community (including a Harvard professor) and has seen good results. This is a low-income kid that was passionate about being successful and the fact that he was able to get a response from busy people encouraged him to develop his skills further. We are now in the planning phase of developing a web series focusing on financial literacy that he will share with his community.
Alexander F., Wealth Advisor
Zak’s email system took me from unanswered emails to a bunch of meetings and opportunities with prominent industry connections (I work in film in LA)- many of whom have since become valuable mentors. I’ve used these emails countless times, and they’re among my most invaluable tools!
Grace Mumm, Young Professional
A few weeks ago you ripped one of my cold email to shreds and transformed it into something simple to read and more importantly, easy to respond back to with one hand. I've seen a lot of good results. This led to more appointments which has in turn lead to more closes. You can mark me down as CLOSED WON for purchasing your email course.
Yale Reardon, Sales Exec
I got in touch with some very busy high profile people that are now a part of my team by using your email system.

No doubt your scripts and content on sending effective emails contributed to that.

When I think "how do I write this email" I think ‘Zak Slayback’ already.
Kylon Gienger, Business Owner
Zak is a legend! I'm two weeks into an initial project with a dream client [I landed using his cold email techniques] and they are loving my work.
DJ Podgorny, Business Owner

Don't Struggle for Years Learning this Professional Superpower

For years, I learned first-hand how to write amazing emails that get replies from VIPs and busy people. I learned firsthand from successful fundraisers, business owners, founders, and writers how they get busy people to reply to them. Because of that, I landed my dream job, got to meet my role models, and feel confident about reaching out to pretty much anybody I need to talk to.

I distilled everything I learned into this course so that you don't have to spend years rifling through email scripts, books, and personal experience like I did.

You can get replies, open new doors, and feel confident about emailing anybody. Whether you're hunting for a job, working in sales, or run your own business, you can learn a tested system in this course that you can turn to time and time again.

My students have used these strategies and systems to successfully email and get replies from:

  • CEOs
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • Hiring managers
  • Publishing editors 
  • Top-tier investors
  • Best-selling authors
  • And other very busy, important people.

"Zak could sell the course at $5,000 and it’d STILL be more than worth it."

I consider Cold Email Master a game-changer course. Why? Well, because unlike so many other cold email courses, Zak teaches you how to think like your PROSPECT... and not as a marketer. It’s this simple mindset shift that frames everything else Zak reveals in the course.

I’ve used the principles inside to land multiple clients... including a client that ended up being worth $11,500 over the course of the year. For this reason, Zak could sell the course at $5,000 and it’d STILL be more than worth it.

TLDR: Don’t be a dingus. If you wanna hear back from more of your dream clients, then get Cold Email Master.
Jerrod Harlan, Marketing Professional & Freelancer

A Must-Have for Freelancers, Small Business Owners, Founders, and Job-Hunters

Alumni recommend Cold Email Master alongside classics like Get Clients Now and Book Yourself Solid.

10x Increase in Replies -- Overnight

This is from a startup founder who used Cold Email Master to improve his cold emailing for pilot customers.

See his before and after in new and updated content released in the course.

"What do I get?"

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The Goods:

Welcome to Cold Email Master
5 mins
Not Just Email
Module 1: Great Cold Emails Are Not Spammy
1. The Psychology of Very Busy People
14 mins
2. How to Write Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened
12 mins
3. How to Introduce Yourself
12 mins
4. How to Communicate What You Want
19 mins
5. How to Prove They Should Reply to You
18 mins
6. How to Make an Ask They'll Reply To
15 mins
BONUS - Walkthrough of a Great Cold Email
7 mins
BONUS - Walkthrough of a Bad (Spammy) Email
6 mins
Should I sound robotic?
Module 1: Great Cold Emails Are Not Spammy: Quiz
BONUS: Interview with Reach Out Author Molly Beck
14 mins
BONUS: Tools & Resources
Module 2: How to Convey Your Value Proposition
1. How to Make Them WANT to Reply
16 mins
2. How to Use References, Referrals, and Introductions
13 mins
3. How to Make the RIGHT Ask at the RIGHT Time
16 mins
Module 2: How to Convey Your Value Proposition: Quiz
BONUS: Incentive Mapping Workbook
Module 3: How to Send Follow Ups
1. What to Do When You DON'T Get a Reply
20 mins
2. What to Do When You DO Get a Reply
10 mins
Module 4: Putting it All Together
Your Email Checklist
11 mins
BONUS: Student Success: Customer Discovery/Pilots Cold Emails
16 mins
BONUS: What You're Doing that Will Kill Your Chances of Getting a Reply
18 mins
BONUS: Live Writeup: Networking w/ a CEO
17 mins
BONUS: Live Writeup: Updating People on Life-Changes
14 mins
BONUS: Live Writeup: How to do a Business Development Introduction
11 mins
BONUS: Live Writeup: Follow Up Emails for Biz Dev Meetings & Networking
7 mins
BONUS: Live Writeup: Emails for Networking with Potential Mentors
17 mins
BONUS: Outreach via Social Media DMs
BONUS: Email Script for Getting a Job Interview
99.8 KB
BONUS: Email Script for Getting Feedback on Content or Art
89.7 KB
BONUS: Email Script for an Introduction
93.1 KB
BONUS: Email Script for Feedback on Book or Business
94.3 KB
BONUS: Email Script for Landing a Guest Post on a Blog
90.6 KB
BONUS: Email Script for Requesting Multiple Intros
96.8 KB
BONUS: Email Script for Pitching a Big Outlet to Publish You
92.8 KB
BONUS: Email Script for Interviewing a Very Busy Person for a Podcast
92.4 KB

Immediate Results

To be honest, the marketplace seems oversaturated right now with coaches and people who are looking to give professional advice/mentorship. More importantly, the market seems oversaturated with under-qualified, or flat-out unqualified, people looking to enter this space. I never really doubted Zak's abilities, but given how hit or miss these services can be, I approached this with a little bit of hesitation and skepticism. Right away my team and I started seeing getting replies on our cold emails and fundraising efforts. Zak’s email system totally outperformed my expectations. He demonstrated that he is the real deal when it comes to this stuff. My team and I all came away from the experience feeling like we had learned a lot, and that it would significantly aid us in our work.
David Clement, Nonprofit Fundraising Executive


Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes! All students in Cold Email Master get lifetime access to the course. If I decide to relaunch the course (like I did with Email Anybody, the predecessor to this course), you will get free access to that.

How is this course different from other cold emailing courses?

A lot of other cold emailing courses are really sales courses or marketing courses. This is neither. This is a fundamentals and networking course at its core. Instead of focusing on "tactics" and "tricks," we start from the psychology of a very busy person. You put yourself in the shoes of the recipient and write the email as if they had a ton of other demands on their attention at any given time (because they do).

You actually walk away from this course with a system you can apply to sales, networking, job hunting, and emailing any busy person. No shoddy tricks, no scammy hacks -- but a comprehensive system.

Part of the reason I developed this course is because I felt like nobody was teaching this fundamental skill for your career. People were teaching sales-y email courses and marketing-y email courses -- but nobody was teaching you how to know exactly what to say to get replies from CEOs, hiring managers, publishing editors, investors, and more. So I set out to put this together.

Will you add new content to the course?

Yes. I am already working on new bonus content for the course that includes additional write-ups and teardowns of different email scenarios. 

My goal for this course is that you never have to buy another course on outreach ever again.

Do I have to work in sales or be a business owner to use this course?

Nope. Learning how to send great outreach emails is a career superpower when combined with skills like coding, writing, marketing, or other hard-skills. If you know how to reach out to decision-makers, you get a lot more leverage in your careers.

I'm a student/looking for a job/in between jobs, will your course help me get a job?

Yes. In fact, when I set out to research and write on this topic, I started with the simple idea that, if you can get in front of hiring managers and CEOs, getting a job gets considerably easier. The best way to get in front of them is through cold email (and LinkedIn & twitter) outreach, not through application portals. 

In this course, we look at a success story from a previous student as one of our primary examples of how to send cold emails. That example was specifically somebody trying to get a job interview (spoiler: the email worked).

I want to know how to write an email for [Extremely Niche and Specific Use Case], will this help me do that?

It should. We walk through the psychology of very busy people who get a ton of cold emails and break down how you can get through the noise. Apply that to your niche and weird use case and you should see results.

Are there any live classes? Or is everything recorded?

Everything is recorded in advance, so you don't have to worry about making time in your schedule to show up to classes.

I may do live workshops in the future, but those are not required in this program.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you go through the whole course and are not happy with what you've learned, I will refund you.

What qualifications do you have?

I've taught hundreds of people, one-on-one or through my courses, how to send amazing cold emails and get ahead in their careers.

I also used to be the Director of Business Development for a startup that sold directly to very busy people. I've sent thousands of emails to business owners, investors, journalists, and generally busy, important people.

Now, I receive cold emails all the time, so I can speak from the perspective of somebody who gets a lot of emails.

I also regularly teach these techniques as part of being a guest lecture at universities, colleges, and educational institutions across the United States and Canada.

Your Instructor

I help people build careers they love by helping them learn skills that set them apart. I've worked one-on-one with business owners, sales executives, young professionals, and startup founders.

I'm also the author of the career planning book, How to Get Ahead (2019, McGraw-Hill).

I've used the techniques from this course to build my own career, too, and currently support young founders at a venture capital firm.